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Centrifugal sifter

  • Centrifugal sifter
Centrifugal sifter

Centrifugal sifter

Centrifugal sifter benefits

» Clean, simple design
» High efficiency – time saved during inspection, cleaning and maintenance
» Operator friendly – no tools required for stripping down and cleaning
» Easy access to oversize end door for opening in seconds
» Easily removable sifter screen for inspection and cleaning
» No leakage or contamination at the oversize end
» 360° in-place rotation of sifting screen for inspection of the complete screen without removal from the machine.

How it works

» Material is fed into the sifter inlet and accelerated by an auger.

» The auger moves the material into the cylindrical sifting chamber where it is picked up by the rotating paddle/blade assembly and propelled against the sieve screen.

» The blades on the paddle assembly are set in a helical configuration to move the material along the entire length of the sieve screen at the optimum sieving rate for any respective applications.

» The fine material passes through the screen and is collected at the main sifter outlet.

» The oversized and/or foreign material is moved to the end of the sifter chamber and, after passing around the end baffle, is discharged via a separate smaller outlet.

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