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Gyratory sieve

  • gyratory sieve
gyratory sieve

gyratory sieve

  • Product description: Gyratory Sifter machine is a high-efficiency screening equipment specially designed for high precision and large capacity output. It is widely used in sand, mining, chemical, non-ferrous metals, food,

Gyratory sifter is an advanced industrial screener separator and high-performance gyratory industrial screening machine generating a gyratory vibration motion close to level plane at low angles in a reciprocating side to side motion. This unique industrial gyratory sifter was designed to provide a cleaner cut of materials while still allowing higher screening capacity.

Gyratory sifter/screener is the ideal industrial screening machine for dry applications where a cleaner separation is necessary, providing higher screening capacity and a much cleaner product.

Gyratoy sifter is also the perfect industrial screening equipment for sifting and screening materials with variables shapes, due to its gyratory, side to side sifting motion. This gyratory screener also offers numerous advantages over traditional rectangular screening equipment, making the gyratory sifter the most advanced and easy-to-own industrial sifter.

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